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Latest News

April 2024


This winter was much warmer in St Michael's thanks to our new more energy-efficient under-pew heaters. The heaters were installed as part of Project Beacon and the churches ongoing ambition to become greener and more sustainable. 

Work continues behind the scenes between all interested parties on the plans for St Michael's Church. More information will be shared as the process continues.  

November 2023

We have refurbished the church path and have repositioned the handrail to make access safer and easier.


Though the old path was very quaint, it had weathered badly and deteriorated to the extent that it was quite dangerous, particularly when icy or in the dark. Also the handrail, which was on the car park side of the path, was more of a hinderance than a help.


So great news that we were given permission to lay a new hoggin surface.


It is a temporary surface as the long-term/permanent surface will be decided on as part of Project Beacon.

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